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bad day, bad life
hello life, what are you doing? i'm emotionally drained these days as i'm in last semester and it's been hella busy all days (with assignments, mini thesis, thesis, and other BS). the thing is i don't really like my uni and i just wanna graduate asap but i need to go thru all these things & it makes me fed up with life. thank god i have many fandoms, so i wouldn't literally kill myself lol.

i didn't realize i post smth once a year LMAO

it's been a while
just like the subject yeah, "it's been a while".
i'm thinking to start writing something in this blog or maybe ranting about my life in the future LOL soooo i'm planning to change this lame profile after my final exam.
please god give me more strength for this last exam so i can dedicate my life to fandoms nyahahaha

my first...
intro first i guess~ excuse my english, people

heloooo, i'm a girl from somewhere lool
just call me Kane, well its not my real name thou..
i'm trying to put a post here, while i had this acc since..... idk XD i rarely use LJ to fangirling, check my twitter and i can spam of my biases 24/7! kkkkk
i shouldn't talk about my private life here, not now :/ but when it comes to fandom... i have quite lots not really ! >,<;;

I love NEWS when the first i saw Pi in Dragon Zakura in the mid of 2006. i over-flailed of him too much then started to search anything about him till i found out about NEWS. at the same time, i started to watch jdramas, and was watching Gokusen 2 and Nobuta wo Produce. then.... i found another handsome guy named Akanishi Jin. loooking some infos about him until i know about KAT-TUN. these both groups made me fall in love with a unidentified world called "fandom". SJ took over my 3rd heart in 2009, when the Sorry Sorry period began. that's all because EHB! actually i know them almost at the same time as Pi, but i didn't like them back then. i love the Duckie Leader!!!!

no matter what Pi and Jin are my ichiban, and i know what they did to their groups. after knowing Jinnie's departure from KT for the 2nd time, i can't help but felt disappointed to him. i took about two days to get over that feelings. but i couldn't help to watching KAT-TUN for months, guess i was shocked. a year of that, its Pi's turn. idk why but my feelings for him even all the member almost gone, gone~ i was shocked and i can't think of anything that time. this tragedy happened when my lovely lappie stolen by fcking idiots people and i got a trauma after that. i cant describe my feelings, my brain wasn't functioning well. a week later, i burst all my feelings out, cried all night long lool XD i gathered all my minds and feelings, what should i do next. i realized, it's their dream. i'm a person who appreciate a lot of someone who had dreams, cause i don't have one. i choose to support all of them, KAT-TUN and Jin Akanishi, NEWS and Yamashita Tomohisa.

then when the confusion linger in my mind about NEWS & Pi, my sis introduced me to V6. we started to watch their tvshow, PV, performance. i knew then since i watched MS on my tv, but i was clueless that they will took my 4th heart lmao~ Okada, Okada is the one. his sex eyes hahahahaha jk! XD;

anyway, if i'm in mood, i'll try my best to write here. i'd prefer twitter cause it's easier :D